My book


‘Imagine the perfect life…a dazzling career, a glittering social life, financial security, a doting family. I had it all. Until one day tragedy struck that fateful day and my life suddenly collapsed beneath my feet.
Mental illness had stolen my sanity, and cost me my high-flying lifestyle. Diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder at the age of twenty-nine, psychiatric units and hospitals became my second home, and my new life was one of confusion, depression, mania and psychosis.
Read my book to discover my battle to survive the harsh realities of my illness and fight my way back to the stable, balanced, happy life I now lead.’

I wrote this book to document my experiences within the psychiatric system here in the UK. It documents some of the most difficult times of my life, whilst diagnosed first with bipolar disorder, and finally schizoaffective disorder, and gives a good insight into the lives of so many people who live day-in with a serious mental health disorder.

I hope you will read my book and share my experiences, and maybe see a little of yourself lost between the pages.

It is available now on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle.

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