Testimonials – The Sane Game

Testimonials message on Paper torn ripped openingI am amazed by the story of great despair and traumatic times the author experienced in her younger years I’m so glad she came out the other side with such passion and inspiration for others whom may be in the same situation. ~ Sam L.

Even though I knew some of the episodes of Sarah’s struggle with mental illness, her frank openness is brilliant, beautifully written and so sad, funny and full of love. John would be proud of you ~ Marilyn M.

A gritty subject fabulously written, well worth the 5 stars, an amazing story of Sarah’s struggle with mental illness. Sarah’s story is both touching and heart warming. A must read !! ~ Kindle Customer

I feel the author gave me a great insight into the world of mental health. I also feel that those who have never experienced anything similar can learn a great deal. It was written frankly, but with such witty humour that made me feel guilty for laughing. A truly remarkable woman, whose genuine, caring attitude shines through in every page. I highly recommended that others read this as it sums up how difficult living with a mental illness is. ~ Kindle User

I received this book yesterday and couldn’t put it down, it made me both laugh and cry. The Author really takes you on a journey into the dark under belly of mental health. She is brave sharing her story so that others might also feel able to talk about their mental health. I really enjoyed the book and will definitely tell friends and family about it. ~ Carole 50

What a wonderful insight into the world of mental health and also surviving and enjoying life despite a diagnosis! Very moving and extremely honest . Well done. ~ Karen

Sarah’s book is a well deserved 5 stars, it gives you a great insight to the issues that people with mental health struggle with. ~ C. Debenham