The Birds and the Bees

How do you have sex mum? How are babies made? Then I glance at my phone And see my son has been asking our friend Google Home And our Google friend is no holds barred He says the penis goes inside the vagina And I gaze at these robotic, grown up words And wonder ifContinue reading “The Birds and the Bees”


Primani Let’s hear it for Primark! That cut price clothing behemoth Where people flock and shop with shock At ridiculous bargains, eyes agog. Fill yer baskets, fill yer baskets, Baskets like plus sized body bags Shove it in, yer jeans, yer shoes, Yer jim jams, yer panties, yer bags of rags. Come along to theContinue reading “Primani”

Hello! There’s a poet in the house!

Hi, My names is Sarah and I am a poet based in Lincolnshire, UK. I love to write. I spend half my life thinking about what I’m going to write and half my life writing it. I also love to write and perform poetry for spoken word and perform regularly at open mic nights, inContinue reading “Hello! There’s a poet in the house!”