My Scratchcard Dreams

So easy to get sucked into the scratchcard addiction. I see people spending pounds! Which many of them can’t afford. But the is a thrill there, an adrenaline rush! My Scratchcard Dreams The queue’s quite long today I’m bedecked in hopes Wearing dreams of fortune shining down On preconditioned dissatisfaction Forced to wear a haloContinue reading “My Scratchcard Dreams”

The Angels Took Your Last Breath

My husband was in the Freeman Hospital waiting for a heart transplant. The days and hours I sat by his bedside, hope in my heart, waiting for a miracle… The Angels Took Your Last Breath I sit here Your still hand in my hand of warmth and hope And wish that I could feel aContinue reading “The Angels Took Your Last Breath”

New book – Hitting Hard

My new book, Hitting Hard, is a collection of raw, gritty poetry, written for spoken word, that depicts the realities of my working class world. From Britain’s Breadline Kids, to Skinny Culture, this collection comes from a Northern girl’s poetic heart. But it here:


My heart goes out to these women who sell their bodies for whatever reason, be it for food, rent, drugs, drink. I used to live in the middle of town and would often encounter them. One of my neighbours was a prostitute. This poem was inspired the women and also a character in ‘I, DanielContinue reading “Debbie”