'Am I a Poet' & 'Working Tax Credits' live performance

Here is my live performance of my poems ‘Am I a Poet?’ and ‘Working Tax Credit’, at Away With Words open mic night, November 21st, Off the Road Live Lounge, Hull.


My new business cards arrived today. I was quite proud that I’d designed them myself! I feel a bit pretentious calling myself a poet but that’s what I spend most of my time doing nowadays! They’re to hand out during open mics just to get word around and encourage people to follow me on socialContinue reading “Cards”

Chatroom Queen

Before the advent of Tindr and Snapchat
In a time when Facebook was not even an embryo
In Mark Zuckerberg’s pre-billionaire mind
And Instagram not even a glimmer of a concept
(I shudder at that thought!)
There were the internet chatrooms.
Ah Yes!
Thieves of regulated sleep and purveyors
Of illustrious one-night jaunts

Student Night

Student Night Its student night down in Man Poly bar, A girl with clothes no bigger than a postage stamp with the queen in horror, at these wanton bitches who’ve gone too far. A girl with a skirt that skirts the definition Of skirt, silk knickers on full display. A sheer blouse makes excuses forContinue reading “Student Night”