I don’t do much acrylic work, but was suddenly inspired to get them out and have a dabble. I wanted to paint an underwater scene. So here is a child swimming underwater with her goggles on!

Goggle Girl, acrylics on canvas panel. 20x20cm ©2023 Sarah Drury

Milo, aged 2 1/2

I bought some new watercolours last night, White Night brand, think they are Russian, and am well impressed with them. They were reasonably priced, and are professional quality whole pan paints, with rich colours and highly pigmented.

White Nights watercolour paints, whole pans.

Anyhow, I was inspired to paint this portrait of my son, aged 2 1/2. pencil and watercolour on A4 Aquafine paper.

Milo, aged 2 1/2