I wrote this poem as a spoken word piece, in response to this coronavirus pandemic, through the eyes of an elderly person who has lived through world war two. Five hundred quid Worked all my life for five hundred quid Ooo, these Tena ladies are on offer Worked my hands to the bone and myContinue reading “Iceland”


A character based on many women i have met during my stays in psychiatric hospitals… Muriel Beyond her twenty years She looked With her duvet of fiery red curls Coiling like delinquent serpents On a Medusa inspired scalp An artist could not etch so finely The lines which lay as an insult Upon a faceContinue reading “Muriel”

Medal of Honour

My grandfather, who was 92 when he died, 9 years ago, was a very brave man. One day, he was walking through the centre of Hull when he saw a gang of lads attacking a guy with learning disabilities. With no hesitation, he waded in, pinned the ringleader to the ground, the other lads ranContinue reading “Medal of Honour”

My Scratchcard Dreams

So easy to get sucked into the scratchcard addiction. I see people spending pounds! Which many of them can’t afford. But the is a thrill there, an adrenaline rush! My Scratchcard Dreams The queue’s quite long today I’m bedecked in hopes Wearing dreams of fortune shining down On preconditioned dissatisfaction Forced to wear a haloContinue reading “My Scratchcard Dreams”

The Angels Took Your Last Breath

My husband was in the Freeman Hospital waiting for a heart transplant. The days and hours I sat by his bedside, hope in my heart, waiting for a miracle… The Angels Took Your Last Breath I sit here Your still hand in my hand of warmth and hope And wish that I could feel aContinue reading “The Angels Took Your Last Breath”