Ice Maiden

(Original art by Sarah Drury)

I’ve been here too long.
Sitting in this barren kingdom.
Breath exhaling, moist to crystalline,
and my lungs cascade.
Plumes of a pulmonary, lovesick swan.
Both yearning for a mate.
This colourless existence
bleaches our beauty.
The whiteness,
oh, the whiteness,
is killing me.

They say I have a frosty heart.
Icy, gliding frozen tears
like winter butter
across the surface of an artic lake.
And I taste like tender Eskimos
as I glaciate myself in igloos
and my door becomes a sheet of ice.

It’s been so long
since you held me in furnace arms,
my love.
I always dreamt of happy ever afters.
Never thought the crows of death would stalk me,
and I’m choking on black feathers.

I’ve tried, my love, I’ve tried.
Till my eyes were the glistening moon
and the sun dare not even
speak your name.
I’ve played the sorry widow.
Years floundering in the memory of us.
It was not just your death.
I died too.
The glacial landscape beckoned me.
Frozen teardrops my rendezvous,
and the ice-maiden took me
as her own.

Sarah Drury 2020




I knew I’d score
Twenty quid
Of lacy satin
Smoothed all over my
Body Shop buffed
Plump and sumptuous
Two lips rosy red
And two lips
Anticipating bonjour
Un homme nouveau
A new man

I hadn’t met you
You saunter in
Atmosphere as thin
As an emaciated
Your glass cut eyes
Hue as blue as
A summer sky
I want
Fuck you

Our lips collide
Movie moments
Tongues entwined
Two bodies
Forced hotly together
For the first time
Passion in
The firing line
And your hand
Feels just fine
Just fucking fine
Sliding below my panty line

Fervent fingers flirting with
Don’t rush now
We’ve many moments
In time
I like this furious fire
Within my loins
Moist panties
Slick with the juices
Of ‘I haven’t
Been fucked for
A long time’

I love the sonorous slide
Of dampness
This dew of lust
Kissing my ears
As his fingers
My soul
And I want
To be fucked

But not yet

For this day
Will wear my scent
On his expert fingers
Like I am
A perfumery
Like I

©2020 Sarah Drury