To the Misogynists

When I had a lengthy spell in hospital, many years ago, I was very poorly. I was on what is known as a ‘one to one’, which meant I had to have a nurse with me at all times. One evening, whilst sitting in my room watching TV with the staff nurse, he turned around and said to me, “you know that people like you should never have children, right??” Those words really hurt me and he should never have said that. I am now, many years later, mother to a son with Autism, and although i have times when I struggle with my mental health, my son has helped me stay as sane as I possibly can because I am all he’s got after his father died. He keeps me strong, and was a turning point in my life after many years in psychiatric hospitals.

I wrote this poem about the nurse’s cruel words.

Just because
Mental illness blights
My fragile mind
Just because
My soul travels
In divergent dimensions
Gives you
no fucking right
To play God
Or Hitler
With my right to
Bear child

Casting aspersions
Of prejudice
You broke me
May as well
Rip out my womb
And gift my ovaries
To the mentally stable
Yet barren

Mothers are born
Not made
Merciless are your
Arrogant aspersions
As callous words
Plummet in placentas
Of castigation
Blood staining
Your misogynist shoes

My right to
Bear child
Never smashed by
The patriarchy
Will be

I pray the vitriolic men
Within whose care
Rest women vulnerable
And broken
Embrace humanity
Whilst the tongues
Of those ridiculing
My maternal potential
Are bound in

©2020 Sarah Drury

Don’t Call Me Baby

Hey you
With your misogynist mouth
And your sexist salubrious sarcasm

Call me sassy
Call me badass
Call me spunky
Call me gutsy
But DON’T call me baby!

Hey you
With your miniscule dick on fire
and your brain in your balls

Call me fearless
Call me feisty
Call me brave
Call me powerful
But DON’T call me baby!

Hey you
With your ‘I am master’ fallacy
Buying tits and asses fantasies

Call me strong
Call me equal
Call me curious
Call me bold
But DON’T call me baby!

Hey you
Tossing dollars at the hookers
Fucks are cheap, women disposable

Call me competent
Call me smart
Call me interesting
Call me determined
But DON’T call me baby!

Hey you
With your lamborgini carriage
Cos your dick’s so fucking non existent

Cal me assertive
Call me confident
Call me positive
Call me successful
But DON’T call me baby

Hey you
With your patronising passport
To a world in which we’re second

Call me a woman
Call me an equal

But DON’T call me baby!

©2020 Sarah Drury