When I was a child
girls stole sugar kisses on boys’ muddy lips
Champagne toasts to wedded men and women
My friends all had mothers and fathers
even if they didn’t know them
My storybooks were full of handsome princes
kissing apple-lipped maidens
Pages after pages were bullshit laden
And the TV was full of girls with boys
and happy-ever-after heterosexuality
And that was the myth of sexuality
Back in the day

We hurled around ‘insults’ that our mates were lesbos
And the lads were gay
But we didn’t realise we were buying into
a system of bitter prejudice and discrimination
Witch hunts, gay shaming and condemnation
and I never thought that one day
I would be ‘them’

We never saw two female lips entwined in a loving kiss
or two males in a passionate embrace
Now it is still a spectacle
consigned to its own sordid category
a ‘perverted disgrace’
The older generation still hushly whisper
‘ooo he’s gay you know’ and oppose the notion
of gay adoption and media exposure
God forbid the media give their viewing a promotion
They still feel queasy to the stomach
when they see that love is not just
boy meets girl

I am glad we now live in a generation where
love is becoming less monochrome
Where the lgbt community can live a life less secluded and alone
And rainbows fill a sky of potential
for love and acceptance to prosper
Gay is becoming more mainstream
And we don’t cower ashamedly in molehills anymore

So why do I live life in a masquerade ball?
Partially disguised
Why so long to free myself from my trap of conventionality?
For the sake of convention and congeniality
I was caught up for years in the boy-girl story
Of the prince and princess happy ever after
Now I am awake and still feel the stigma
The sting of years of expectation
Like a queen in a PRIDE parade
Saying fuck you to the hetero charade
and wearing my mask
when I truly want to be
exposed and naked

©2020 Sarah Drury


I was brought up for some of my life as a Jehovah’s Witness, but found the lifestyle and the whole issue of organised religion too restrictive so left. I have always been attracted to girls but felt as though it was sinful in some way. I read the book and saw the dramatisation of ‘Oranges are not the Only Fruit’ by Jeanette Winterson and this poem is based on both my own experiences and inspired by the book.


Two young girls
Our sixteen years
Serving Jesus
Sacrificial years
Saving our sorrowful
With the scourge
Of sin?

So why
When I look at you
With my
Heathen, profane eyes
Does my bursting heart
To the rhythm
Of the Revelation Beast?
Does my mind
With wicked thoughts of
Sinful things
Are we less than less?

My sacred sexuality
Comes alive
And my heart
Praises the wanton, fallen
That are us
We hide our
Youthful kisses
Stolen in the
Echoes of
Lips tell tales
Of lust
And we touch
Down there
And I don’t
Fucking care
If God
Strikes me down
For I lay down
On a bed of bliss
A Goddess

And when our
Bodies dance wildly
With the scourge
Of the conniving devil
And our sweet juices
Flow like
Golden nectar
From heaven
And our hearts
Are euphoric oceans
And our love
Is an immense universe
Just for two
How can this
Be sin?
How can this
Be sin?

©2020 Sarah Drury



And the pistachio
Ice cream
Suits your
Raspberry sorbet
Tongues dipped in
Souls dipped in

And it
Suits your
Wet dream
Rosebud nipples
Cascading aqua vitae
On the plateaus
Of my
Predator tongue
As I languish
In a hazy daze
Of fuck me

And as I lustfully
Lap up the
Errant dairy
From your chest
Like a hungry babe
Fed at the breast
My fingers
Wander to your
Pistachio lips
And as you
Lick the last
Of our erotic
I thank
For Italy

©2020 Sarah Drury

Let me Fuck You Like I Do in My Dreams


I wrote this about a woman i fell in love with two years ago yet it wasn’t meant to be and we never even got to have a relationship, let alone make love.

One day honey
One day
When the world is ours
And time is ours
And none of this fucked up shit is ours
Let me fuck you
With tenderness
Let your alabaster flesh
Play a mirage
Upon my besotted eyes
And your hush-hush longing
Beckons me inwards
A promise just for us

You, a goddess
On the brink of sensory annihilation
A devotee
A wilful servant of your sensory
And my hands
Trembling like tender leaves
In a breath-like summer’s breeze
Brush your perfect skin
Baby-tender newness
With the guilt of nothing
But with the will of a hooker
Who wants to feel the win
Who wants the taste of sin
Who needs to feel her soul

Inside your mind
I find
Perfectly aligned
We slip into secrets
Skimming over whispers
Your face like a promise
With your bee-sting lips
Your breasts are so perfect
I say a prayer to taste them
To embrace them
I feel like I’m fucking an angel with wings
And fuck feels like the wrong word
For the purity of the goodness
I worship before me
Your aura so dazzling I cannot see
Iniquity free

Yet I’m yearning for a taste of jubilation
When you cum
Fingers slipping
Cries of lust
Love-bedecked caverns
Juices flow
Pleasure below
With a shudder
Of sunshine
Biting into flesh like a sweet nectarine
Exploring places unseen
Trying so hard
But can’t keep the mood clean

And the universe aligns
And we lose sense of time
And I feel you’re all mine
Your sweet lips part
To utter thanks
I place mine over
Then touch my lips to yours
So you can taste your sweetness
As we stay entwined
In each other’s
Two halves made whole.

© 2020 Sarah Drury