Bit of fun about being plus sized: Hello Hello It’s me in my plus size knickers Nothing to do with my obsession with Mars Bars, Twix, Dairy Milk or Snickers My plus size knickers Black satin, double gusset, masquerading as sexy, toyboy pickers Tailored for the Chinese takeaway, fish and chips, pepperoni lickers Hello It’sContinue reading “Hello”

A Coffee and a Cake in Costa

I Feel as though my poetry has been getting a bit heavy, political and depressing lately and that’s not the kind of person that I am, so here’s something a bit lighter… I’m getting rather larger My sugar is getting as high as a pensioner on weed Or a gang of middle aged women, experimentingContinue reading “A Coffee and a Cake in Costa”

Fat Club

Fat club My tummy was hanging like a butcher’s apron My arse was saggy like an old bin bag My tits were touching my belly button And my chin was wobbling like an old, sad hag. So I decided to go to Fat Club. I walked through the door to be greeted by Ladies ofContinue reading “Fat Club”