I’m Sarah, a forty-something lady living a quiet life in a sleepy village in Lincolnshire. I have many labels, past and present, but my proudest by far is that of ‘mother’.
I have been an inspiring teacher, a conscientious student, a semi-professional singer and a cellist in a ceilidh band. I have sung with some of the world’s finest musicians in some of the most breathtaking locations.
I am also a sufferer of a severe mental illness that has seen me flying with the angels in a psychosis-induced heaven, flaunting around psychiatric hospitals in nothing but a faux fur coat and red lipstick, believing my son was the third coming of Christ and cowering in the corner on a dirt-encrusted hospital floor, pleading for forgiveness and the return of my sanity.
But now, I am just a woman, with an illness, and a low-spec laptop computer, reaching out into the cyber world with her stories of suffering and survival, in the hope of touching a few hearts and minds along the way.
This site will be a place to share my writing and poetry with you, the reader, and hear your own comments and stories.
I have just published a memoir entitled ‘The Sane Game – a memoir of madness’ by Sarah L Drury, that is available on Amazon. Check it out, its a good read, and highlights my illness, schizoaffective disorder.