Anatomy of a Whore

Anatomy of a Whore I am married to the vicious night To the ceaseless ebb and flow Of wanton lust Disguised as need. Men come, men go Men shamelessly use And sometimes heavy handedly abuse This street-savvy woman Vulnerable Predator target A please fuck me, but fuck you areshole façade. The seedy punters Pick andContinue reading “Anatomy of a Whore”


*If you don’t know what a ‘twagger’ is, it means a truant. Giz a fag, Sarah, giz a fag A single prize possession from the time when you Could go into a corner shop And ask for just one solitary piece of heaven. 10p please, 10p, For we don’t care if you are a JackieContinue reading “Twagger”

The Flock

The Flock It is winter On the estate Behold the flock of fledgling souls Bedecked in Nike, Fila, Adidas Or maybe Puma If they’re strapped for cash. They gather blindly Like human sheep Around their phones, their chilly bones Whilst attitudes of futility around them creep. In other prosperous boroughs the children sleep But thisContinue reading “The Flock”

Holiday Time in the Land of the Curvy

Holiday Time in the Land of the Curvy Its holiday time in the land of the curvy It’s big girls’ vacation to Benidorm Me and Janet and Brenda and Mabel Are sunning it, keeping our bazookas warm. Our lady bits hiding behind pink bikinis Designed to hold nuclear weapons in tow The spillage is startingContinue reading “Holiday Time in the Land of the Curvy”

Chatroom Queen

Before the advent of Tindr and Snapchat
In a time when Facebook was not even an embryo
In Mark Zuckerberg’s pre-billionaire mind
And Instagram not even a glimmer of a concept
(I shudder at that thought!)
There were the internet chatrooms.
Ah Yes!
Thieves of regulated sleep and purveyors
Of illustrious one-night jaunts