The Clan of the Working Man

Inspired by happy times at the Belmont Working Mens Club in Hull as I was growing up. The clan of the working man I remember the clan The clan of the working man Waiting at the door of the modest establishment For the member to sign the book The book of acceptance To say youContinue reading “The Clan of the Working Man”

Farewell Innocence

I am a child And innocence Innocence you owed me nothing. When you held up your weapon. Aimed Straight Into the heart of My sinlessness BANG! Straight into the heart of My righteousness BANG! Straight into the heart of My guiltlessness BANG! Straight into the heart of My blamelessness. BANG! Straight into MY HEART! MyContinue reading “Farewell Innocence”

Shout Out to the Perfect Mums

I’m far from a perfect mum. I hardly ever wear make up, slob around in my pj’s, swear like a trooper and feed my kids McDonald’s fodder. So here’s a tribute to the other Stepford wife mums! Shout Out to the Perfect Mums Shout out to the perfect mums Long bleached hair in pristine tousledContinue reading “Shout Out to the Perfect Mums”

It was nice, the Saturday Tea

It was nice
The Saturday tea.
Family sitting around the living room
Scraps of greasy newspaper balanced on our knee
Last week’s news saturated in chip fat
This week’s wellbeing, the cholesterol it’s enemy.
Scraps of batter, vinegar, swimming in a sea of mushy pea
A battered sausage promising dancing tastebuds
A haddock resplendent in its crispy, greasy coat
Chips golden like they’d been deep fried by the sun
Cuisine like nirvana, sliding deliciously down my nostalgic throat.