Been busy painting!

I have been very busy painting these last few weeks. I have also entered some work into an open call in my home town. I’ve been working with watercolours and acrylics. I have two watercolour palettes (a Winsor and Newton Professional and a White Nights) and also tubes of Winsor and Newton Professional in an array of colours. I have a huge box of acrylics and it is a nightmare going through them all searching for colours!!

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Here are some of my recent paintings…

Boy Sucking Lolly – acrylics on canvas board 10×10″
Specky – acrylics on canvas board, 10×10″

Girl in Sunhat – watercolour and pencil – 29.7 x 21cm
The Glow – watercolour and pencil 8×8″
Tutti Frutti – watercolour and pencil 29.7 x 21cm
Hiding From The Sun – watercolour and pencil, 8×8″
Sunny Poser – watercolour and pencil, 8×8″
Piglet – watercolour and pencil, 8×8″

The Glow

I wanted to paint a black woman, to represent the beautiful sheen of her skin, and her soulful eyes.

I worked in watercolours on 8×8″ watercolour paper.

Here are some photos from the process:

The pencil sketch

Adding the flesh layers

Almost done

The end result. The Glow – watercolours, 8×8″

Playing with acrylics

I tried out a couple of expressionist portraits in acrylic paints on canvas panel. They are only small – 20 x 20 cm. One is some random girl who I thought was sassy, and the other is my son in his Nirvana cap which he wears all the time.

Summer Sass, acrylics on canvas board, 20 x 20 cm

Milo in His Nirvana Cap, acrylics on canvas panel, 20 x 20 cm