Men With Light Feet

I love to paint dancers in pencil and watercolour. I have created a series of three male dancers, focussing on the colour blue. They are all A4.

Blue Man Dances
Man With Grace

Wild Roses

I painted an abstract floral using acrylics. It is on canvas. 16×12″. I used a palette knife and gradually layered the paint, building up the textures. I am really pleased with the results, and am going to try the same technique on a larger canvas.

Abstract Florals

I have been really I’ll lately, in hospital, but today I got back to painting. I thought I would try a couple of abstract florals in acrylic. It was a lot of fun! Here they are!

Red abstract floral
Blue abstract floral

Recent Artwork

Here are some of my recent artworks, all in pencil and watercolour. Message if you are interested in buying some.

Octopus – pencil and watercolour
Dorothy (Judy Garland) – pencil and watercolour
Grumpy Cockerel – pencil and watercolour
Mad Cow
Piggle – pencil and watercolour – A3
Barmy Giraffe – pencil and watercolour – A3