Sarah’s first venture into publishing was with her autobiographical account of her battle with mental illness, ‘The Sane Game’. She then reignited her passion for poetry and created her first collection of poetry ‘Is Anybody Normal’. ‘Smile’ (a collection of bipolar poetry) followed, and just recently she produced a booklet of her spoken word poems that are popular when she performs live.

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Sarah takes you on a journey of her working class life through the medium of poetry. This hard hitting poetry is gritty and real, and a reflection of a life that is challenging and raw. From Britain’s Breadline Kids to Bake Off, this collection shows that although life is tough, life is art.

Sarah lives on a council estate and this book takes inspiration from the people she meets and the streets that she lives on. People around her fascinate her. Poverty is rife, crime and drugs are a reality, but the people will not be crushed. and that is reality. And reality is Sarah’s inspiration.



Join Sarah in her unique view on life, reflected through this diverse collection of her poetry. Are you a big girl? Are you a perfect mum? Do you have children who often drive you to the brink of despair? Do you often sit on the bus and wonder about other people? Sarah takes delight in the real, gritty challenges she meets in daily life and turns them into poetic art. She makes the mundane interesting, makes it spring to life. Sarah’s poetry can make you cry. It can make you laugh. It can even inspire you. But most of all it will make you realise that everyone is human, and although reality can often be harsh, it can also be beautiful.



Sarah Drury has spent half her life involved with mental health services and many years in and out of psychiatric hospitals. Diagnosed at the age of twenty-nine with bipolar disorder, she has plummeted the depths and soared the highs of this life changing illness. Sarah has learnt to deal with the highs and lows and has taken to the pen to document her thoughts, feelings and struggles of this harrowing condition.
She here shares a short collection of poetry reflecting her
illness in the hope of reaching out to those who also suffer.


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