Summer Days and the Heatwave

It is hot here in the UK, well for this country’s standards! I am staying out of the heat where possible, but the fans are on constantly in our household!

I decided to paint a couple of Summer ladies in watercolours. One of them sold within a day, the Red Summer painting. The other one, which I call, simply, Girl in Sun Hat, will be going for sale in my Etsy store, or I am quite tempted to keep her!!

Girl in Sun Hat ©2022 Sarah Drury. watercolours and pencil on watercolour paper.
Red Summer – ©2022 Sarah Drury. Watercolour and pencil.

Calla Lilies

I have a special for Calla Lilies. They look so pure and smooth, their curves and elegance. I have a pot of artificial ones on the balcony, but as I live near the steelworks, everything seems to get covered in black grime. I was trying to wash them down, when I had the idea to paint some.

Here are my Calla Lilies, painted with a palette knife in acrylic. Not letting this one go, it will have a special place on my wall once I have decorated!!

Calla Lilies – ©Sarah Drury 2022 (acrylic on canvas board)

Men With Light Feet

I love to paint dancers in pencil and watercolour. I have created a series of three male dancers, focussing on the colour blue. They are all A4.

Blue Man Dances
Man With Grace

Wild Roses

I painted an abstract floral using acrylics. It is on canvas. 16×12″. I used a palette knife and gradually layered the paint, building up the textures. I am really pleased with the results, and am going to try the same technique on a larger canvas.


A few years ago I was invited to write and perform some poetry with an ecological theme. I have always been reminded of Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’ every time I see a group of wind turbines, and it inspired me to write this poem:

         *after 'Daffodils' - William Wordsworth

I wandered lonely as a cloud
that floats on high o’er fracking lines.
When all at once I saw a crowd,
a host of pure white wind turbines.
Besides the mines, beneath ozone
each one a hand of God, alone.

Continuous as the stars which choke,
polluted in the filthiest way.
They stretched in never-ending droves,
fighting for justice on the smoggy day.
Four hundred I saw at a gaze - 
spiralling heads in polluted haze.

The wind around them danced but they,
battled in their fight for energy.
An eco-warrior could not be gay,
in a battle for survival of ecology
I gazed and gazed – but could not think
what beauty before me, a carbon-free link.

For oft, when on my bed I lie
In despair or in a futile mood,
they spark a hope within my soul,
of a planet-saving attitude.
And then my heart with gratitude shines
and dances with the wind turbines. 

©2022 Sarah Drury