Trash Bag

I suffer badly with panic and anxiety attacks which trigger off my OCD. I don’t know whether it is all the social isolation and coronavirus issues triggering off my illness, but it is a nightmare at the moment. Here’s something I wrote yesterday after getting through one prolonged attack that left me bedridden…

Afternoon’s here
Not been a bad morning
But I can feel
That feeling
Badass gatecrasher
Sanity stealing
Soon I’ll be dealing
With the

Leave me alone
In my bed
My sanctity pit
I feel like
I don’t
Into this
Fucking world
Anxiety has stolen
Me away
Heart hammers
A thousand thoughts
OCD has to
Stick its pristine face in
Pass me a fuckin
Arsenic laced
Tequila slammer

Its times like these where
I wonder if my mind
Is just one big
Lying sin
And my life is just
A trash bag
For keeping my
Fucked up emotions in

And I just want to
Curl up and hide
I just want to
Get off this
Shit kid’s ride
If I don’t get off
They’ll put me

©2020 Sarah Drury

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