Just a bit of a poem i wrote about the current situation…


I am exhausted
Dragging these weary bones through invisible wars
TV blaring its cacophony in the corner
Corvid-19 holding me prisoner within these self isolated doors
My child climbing the walls and pleading for some freedom
I feel like getting down on the floor and praying on all fours

Spouting his rhetoric from the media, the BBC
Trying to be a strong leader, trying not to let the public see
He’s a scared little boy
Why the fuck do I pay my tv license fee
To watch this repetitive shit
Running from the screen like a stream of neurotic pee
You will die if you go outside
Stay the hell two metres away from me.

The pandemic, the pandemic
I cry as I watch the brave face of the medic
Who died
And my son is oblivious when I shit myself
And he asked me why I was crying
And I lied
Because I am a mum
And mums can’t be scared
I have no support, I’m alone
Like every fucker’s alone
In our antibacterial bubbles
Picking over the psychological rubble
Of the mental health fallout
Of the emotional war that this battle’s really about

Give us three months and the country will be fucked
Government will be bankrupt
And I will be tearing down the walls of this home
With my tooth bitten nails
Teaching my son, but the schools are shut
And the system always fails
To see that we are mums and dads and grans and grandads
And some of has haven’t got a fucking clue
What this education role entails
And we’re tearing our hair
And beating our supressed, fearful hearts
And swimming in seas of uncertainty
That are tearing us all apart

But we will win this war
That goes much deeper than a rampant virus
And our heads will be neurotic sheds
As the futility of this pandemic destroys us and toys with us
But I am a mum
And I cannot be scared
I have an autistic son
I cannot be scared
I cannot be scared.

©2020 Sarah Drury

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