My Scratchcard Dreams

So easy to get sucked into the scratchcard addiction. I see people spending pounds! Which many of them can’t afford. But the is a thrill there, an adrenaline rush!

My Scratchcard Dreams

The queue’s quite long today
I’m bedecked in hopes
Wearing dreams of fortune shining down
On preconditioned dissatisfaction
Forced to wear a halo of ordinary
When deep, deep down
I fantasise of tiaras and jewel bedecked crowns.

I struggle every day in torrential tedium
Humdrum raining down in drops of ordinary
Dreaming of a time when I will wake one day
When these games of juggling life I will no longer have to play
And my world will explode in a riot of ecstasy
A blaze of colour in all its vibrant hues
But I know the probability is just untangible fantasy

But I clutch my two measly quid
I stand in line like a fortune junkie
Scared to scratch those little silver panels
Like a See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil monkey
Each panel a Russian Roulette
I may as well point a gun at my bank account
The amount of money I spend
I should just throw it down the drain
But there’s a thrill in the pain
Of sitting on the edge
Of a knife
In the acid rain

No win
Skint again
The sting of defeat
Like downing a bottle of cayenne
Two quid down
That’s two value burgers at McDonald’s
And a small latte at the café in town
But the thrill
The throbbing excitement
Is like popping an ecstasy pill
And I will not stop

Addiction is a jailor
Dreams are freedom
And I will not stop
I will not stop

©2020 Sarah Drury

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