I am having my hair dye today. I love the feel of walking out of the salon with my new head of shiny hair. It makes me feel like a Hollywood star. It inspired me to write this poem…


I dyed my hair today
My crown of narcissistic thorns
The mousey barbs lacerating my flesh
Like needles of insecurity
We don’t want brown today ladies
We want a barnet of vibrant expression
I misleadingly feed this caterpillar of illusion
Fat on the pretence of social media
Fed by the neurotic news, the fickle Facebook
the testosterone titillated Twitter
The irreplaceable ignorance of Instagram
This woman gorging on media dreams
And vomiting with the bile
Of inaneness
Vomiting with the burden of insignificance.

I dyed my hair today
I mixed the colour
Red and black and red and black
Inky fingers spreading trails of vanity
Splashes of self absorption
Infiltrating the chalk white tiles
The stains a massacre of bloody ego
And it hurts when you hate
When your pain is looking in the mirror
And seeing banality
See the shifting hues, the shifting hues
A cloak of ink masquerading as the kiss of life
See the shifting hues, the shifting blues
The shifting moods, shifting, lifting, lifting, lifting
I am Chameleon
Changing the colour but not the girl
Changing the manner in which the sun explodes on hues of crimson
Matching the colour of lips which bleed with every lie of happy to the world they tell
Matching the colour of danger, seeping into delicate veils of sanity
Adding the darkness
The death of colour
Mists of crazy haziness obscuring rational thought
As my soul is masked in swathes of greys sprinkled with marshmallow untruths

I dyed my hair today
And I tell myself this is a new me
I lie to myself that I will shine like the glossy women in Vogue
That I am emerging into a world of instant chic
Gaining my fashion wings
But nowhere new to fly
Except hurtling full speed into a land of denial
But life is so much better if you pretend
Life is so much better if you pretend.

©2020 Sarah Drury

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