My Christmas Tree’s Still Up

My tree has been up since November and it’s still up. I don’t even notice it anymore, even though I look at it every day! I just can’t muster the motivation to take it down and put it away! So it inspired me to write this simple poem…

My Christmas tree’s still up
Sitting forlorn in the corner
Like some eccentric, gaudy gatecrasher
And some days, that’s how I feel
That’s how I feel.

The star on the top
The tinsel on the tree
The lights which no longer twinkle
And that’s a metaphor for me,
A metaphor for me.

It’s pretty when it’s appropriate
When the carol singers sing their joyous songs
And the champers flows and the nights are long
Yet most of the time it’s out of place
Like me, it’s just wrong
Just wrong

A broken branch
A light that has an erratic connection
An angel fallen from her spot on top
A ‘not quite right’ like me
And it doesn’t stop
It doesn’t stop

An apathetic parent
A mother who just can’t be arsed
To put the tree back in its box
My motivation sparse
It’s bloody sparse.

Maybe one day
I’ll shine in all the right places
I’ll get the acts of the play of life
In all the right, ordered spaces
And I’ll put away the tree
Put away the tree.

©2020 Sarah Drury

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