Shout Out to the Perfect Mums

I’m far from a perfect mum. I hardly ever wear make up, slob around in my pj’s, swear like a trooper and feed my kids McDonald’s fodder. So here’s a tribute to the other Stepford wife mums! Shout Out to the Perfect Mums Shout out to the perfect mums Long bleached hair in pristine tousledContinue reading “Shout Out to the Perfect Mums”


Bit of a long one this, I wrote it for spoken word. It has been honed and edited many times but I am happy with this version….for now LOL. Primani Let’s hear it for Primark! That cut price clothing behemoth Where people flock and shop with shock At ridiculous bargains, eyes agog. Fill yer baskets,Continue reading “Primani”


My new business cards arrived today. I was quite proud that I’d designed them myself! I feel a bit pretentious calling myself a poet but that’s what I spend most of my time doing nowadays! They’re to hand out during open mics just to get word around and encourage people to follow me on socialContinue reading “Cards”

Just another Day

I suffer with bipolar disorder. I have been diagnosed since my late twenties. It ripped my life apart, and twenty years later I am just piecing it back together through poetry. Here’s a poem that’s in a book of mental health poetry I published called Smile. The book is available to purchase here: JustContinue reading “Just another Day”