Wrecking Ball

To all the domestic abuse survivors WRECKING BALL You, my wrecking ball I your derelict A palette of purple Green blue hues Priceless masterpiece Painted by ‘loving’ hands Place your fist in my face One more time. Colour your tattered canvas Add a splash more colour Perhaps a dash of red In war-torn rivulets. SmiteContinue reading “Wrecking Ball”

The Clan of the Working Man

Inspired by happy times at the Belmont Working Mens Club in Hull as I was growing up. The clan of the working man I remember the clan The clan of the working man Waiting at the door of the modest establishment For the member to sign the book The book of acceptance To say youContinue reading “The Clan of the Working Man”

Farewell Innocence

I am a child And innocence Innocence you owed me nothing. When you held up your weapon. Aimed Straight Into the heart of My sinlessness BANG! Straight into the heart of My righteousness BANG! Straight into the heart of My guiltlessness BANG! Straight into the heart of My blamelessness. BANG! Straight into MY HEART! MyContinue reading “Farewell Innocence”


Here in the UK, DLA (short for Disability Living Allowance) is a benefit given out to people with long term illnesses and disabilities. The assessment and judging criteria are getting ridiculous and there have been many cases of needy people getting deemed ‘fit for work’. DLA has mostly been replaced by PIP (Personal Independence Payment).Continue reading “DLA”

Am I a Poet/ Working Tax Credit Live

Last night I traipsed over to Hull to my friend’s open mic night ‘Away With Words’. It was a brilliant night, with lots of interesting poetry and prose and some amazing people, including my favourite, a rapping granny. Here’s my performances of ‘Am I a Poet?’ and ‘Working Tax Credit’.