On New Year’s Day, 2018


As the new year dawns, so the wheel of life turns. Some of us are waking up to a feast, others are scrabbling around in the dirt, searching for their next meal, their abdomens distended through prolonged hunger. Some are snuggling down amidst luxurious duvets, in warmth and comfort, others sheltering from the relentless cold, their sodden sleeping bags providing little protection from the ravages of the winter weather.

It is not a crime to have comfort, not should we feel guilty, but please spare a thought for those less fortunate, not just for today, but for always.

Spare a tenner, mister,
Mister spare a tenner,
I ain’t got no home, mister
No food in me tum, mister,
Freezing cold n glum mister,
Mister spare a tenner.

Spare some coppers, Mrs;
Mrs, spare some coppers.
Me kids are starving hungry, Mrs,
Shabby all in rags, Mrs,
Living out of bags, Mrs,
Mrs spare some coppers.

Spare some change, sir
Sir, spare some change.
I just got off the drugs, sir,
Am sleeping on the streets, sir
No money for treats, sir
Sir spare some change.

Spare a kind thought, lady,
Lady spare a thought.
I have to sell my body, lady
Just for my next meal, lady
It’s really no big deal, lady
Lady spare a thought.

Spare us all compassion, people
People spare compassion
Count your tiny blessings, people,
Help those who are broken, people,
Let your hearts be open, people,
People spare compassion.

© Sarah Drury

Published by

Sarah L Drury

proud autism mum

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