To another new year…


Not many hours left of 2017 and as each successive new year dawns, I feel a huge wave of sadness for the people I have loved and lost, followed by immense gratitude for the precious things I hold dear.

I give thanks for my beautiful son, a gift from heaven, who teaches me patience and empathy, and shows me unconditional love.

I give thanks for modern medicine, without which I would be living a nightmare of insanity.

I give thanks to those who love me despite all my little peculiarities and imperfections.

I give thanks that I have a home, food on the table, enough money to live a fairly comfortable lifestyle.

And I pray for the billions of people who do not have such luxuries. The children in warzones such as Syria who will be waking up in fear and  desperation. The children who are victims of abuse and suffer immensely at the hands of those who should keep them safe. Those who have been devastated by disaster and tragedy. The homeless, the hungry, the insane, the suffering.

I am indeed grateful for life. I am blessed.

I wish you all a happy new year and beautiful times in 2018!

Published by

Sarah L Drury

proud autism mum

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