Sarah Drury Poetry

Sarah Drury is a poet based in Lincolnshire. She writes gritty, real life stuff full of laughter, sadness, well a bit of everything. She suffers with bipolar disorder and this has been the inspiration for not only her poetry, but for her writing poetry in the first place. Life is her poetic canvas.

Sarah has published three books so far. Two of them – Smile (a collection of bipolar poetry) and The Sane Game (a memoir of madness) are devoted to mental health issues, especially bipolar. She wrote them with the hopes of raising awareness and helping people feel not so alone. The third book, Is Anybody Normal, is a collection of real-life, gritty poetry. All three are available from Amazon. See the links at the top of the page for more information about my books. My Amazon book page is here:

Speak Out Scunny is the spoken word open mic night that Sarah organises at Cafe INDIEpendent, in Scunthorpe, once a month. For more information see the menu at the top of the page.

Jim Higo is a popular Hull poet who performs spoken word poetry around the country. He very kindly hosts our Speak Our Scunny event. Jim also runs an event in Hull called Away With Words, which is held on the third Thursday of every month at the Off the Road Live Lounge,

If you are interested in either mine or Jim’s poetry, my books, or fancy coming to one of the open mic nights please feel free to contact Sarah through this website or through any of the links on the contact page..

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